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My Armoury

2 x Sawn Off M79s
AK 47
Automag .44
Barrett M82A1M
Colt 25
Colt Delta Elite
G3 SG1
M134 Minigun
M15A4 Carbine
M4 Carbine
Orca Stocked APS-2
P90 Watchmaker
RX4 Storm
Revolver Launcher
Sig 552
Sig Sauer P226
USP Tactical
VSR10 Pro Sniper
VZ61 Scorpion

Old Armoury, R.I.P

2 x Socom Mk.23
2 x VZ61 Scorpion
3 x Blank Firing Grenades
3 x Colt Delta Elite
4 x Blank Firing Grenades
AK Beta Spetsnaz
Benelli M3 Shorty
Colt 25
Famas SV
G5k (mp5k)
M4 A1
M79 Full Stock
Machine Pistol Type U
P90 TR
Revolver Launcher
USP Tactical

Sales chatter and what it really means.

As new / mint condition: Have plinked this to death around the house for months but somehow managed to keep it scratch-free.

Used once: On a weekender. At Copehill down. In winter.

Great condition: Seller is registered blind.

Selling for a mate: Seller is too embarrassed to admit he owns it.

Project gun: Yep, it's shagged, and most of its missing.

Real head-turner: It's a two-tone.

Custom build: Tried to achieve the impossible but f*cked it up big time. You must now pay for my mistakes.

Stock gun: Managed to open her up and mess about with the internals without showing any tell-tale signs. Woohoo!

Fully working: Niggling fault that isn't important to the seller.

Excellent range: Hits tin cans in my hi-rise studio flat just fine.

Questions via PM: No point being honest on the thread. Need sale; need NOW!

Temperamental/intermittent fault: It absolutely won't work when you get it.

No splits: He'll split when he's desperate, you just wait n' see.

Hasn't been chrono'd: Bank on at least 500fps or sub 200fps.

2000 rounds through: x10.

Custom paint job: Ex two-tone.

Simple fix: Will end up costing you at least half the price of the gun again to repair.

Iím selling this gun as I don't use it any more: Some sucker will buy this piece of junk.

Really donít want to sell this: Until I shredded the gearbox on a 12v li-po.

Decided it isnít for me: Ugly as sin weapon.

Sold as seen: Definitely broken.

Outranges other guns: If you throw them.

Trusted seller: The extra cost is for your benefit.

Pickup only: Iím lazy and the post office is at the end of the road.

Best piece of kit Iíve ever owned: I really regret buying it.

Has been professionally upgraded: By a professional hairdresser.

Need cash for other things: The wife found out I brought it from the rent money.

BNIB: Brand new in bits.

Systema internals: Fitted with what I believe to be a Systema hop.

Much loved: I'd forgotten about this, and for a very good reason that you don't need to know.

One careful owner: And at least 5 other idiots.

Fully tuned custom gun: I added a scope a torch and a laser.

Best gun Iíve ever owned: The only gun Iíve ever owned.

Canít take PayPal: My accounts been frozen because of that guy I ripped off the other week.

Buyer pays PayPal fees: I donít want to have to go to the bank to withdraw £8.92 again.

Not sure on make: I brought it from a market for less than £20.

Still boxed, like new: My mum found it and told me I canít keep it.

Pictures on request: I donít know how to add images on here.

PMíd with offer: And thatís all youíll ever hear.

Don't have time to repair: It's beyond repair.

Very rare: They were recalled by the factory due to users receiving major burns to their hands.

Incredibly rare: I have never seen this gun on Call of Duty.

Fit for use: As a paperweight.

Collection prefered: I know I'll only end up having to sort the issues out via PM otherwise.

Buyer must be U.K.A.R.A registered: But I won't actually bother to check.

Well built: I hit it against a rock and it barely scratched it.

Well maintained: I once squirted it with silicone oil.

Real steel parts: I added a scope from my .22 rifle.

Open to offers: I am desperate to get rid of this piece of rubbish and will take anything.

Swaps only: There is no way I could ever get any money for this.

Bump: I'm not suprised no one wants this pile of junk, I don't want it either.

Final bump: I'll re-list it with better made up specs later.

Will post next day delivery: When I get paid at the end of the month.

Need this gone ASAP: I want your money now, but I'll post it when I can be bothered.

No pictures: You won't want to buy it if you see it.

Fires like a dream: Until the bodge job I did falls apart.

Some scratches: I left it on top of my car when I drove off.

Fires like a dream: Fires in a dream, typo, my bad...

My favourite gun: The best I can afford.

Slight gas leak: I messed up the repair, now it leaks like a sieve.

Never used in anger: I was laughing when I emptied the box mag in 1 trigger pull.

Unskirmished: I didn't want to get laughed at when I took it out.

Iím quitting Airsoft: Iíve been banned from all my local sites for cheating.

Selling due to ill health: I received serious burns when the electrical wiring shorted out.

Scope has slight ghost: You can see casper when you take aim.

Selling for someone else: They are currently serving time for armed robbery.

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