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My Armoury

2 x Sawn Off M79s
AK 47
Automag .44
Barrett M82A1M
Colt 25
Colt Delta Elite
G3 SG1
M134 Minigun
M15A4 Carbine
M4 Carbine
Orca Stocked APS-2
P90 Watchmaker
RX4 Storm
Revolver Launcher
Sig 552
Sig Sauer P226
USP Tactical
VSR10 Pro Sniper
VZ61 Scorpion

Old Armoury, R.I.P

2 x Socom Mk.23
2 x VZ61 Scorpion
3 x Blank Firing Grenades
3 x Colt Delta Elite
4 x Blank Firing Grenades
AK Beta Spetsnaz
Benelli M3 Shorty
Colt 25
Famas SV
G5k (mp5k)
M4 A1
M79 Full Stock
Machine Pistol Type U
P90 TR
Revolver Launcher
USP Tactical

- "Rampage Has Awoken, The End Is Near!" -

"So what do you need? Besides a miracle." "Guns; Lots of guns." - The Matrix (1999)

Smile Bitch

Real Name: Alex
Call Sign: Rampage
Team: Team:Leviathan
Other Teams: Part of the Ground Zero Coalition Forces (G.Z.C.F, Click for our website)
Role: Suicide Assault / Lone Sniper
Good Guy / Bad Guy: Bad guy, definitely a bad guy
Gender: Male
DoB: 22-11-83
Height: 5 Foot 11 Inches
Weight: 12 Stone
Location: Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Occupation: Store Manager / C.C.T.V. Operator / Web Designer / Dogs Body
Contact: PM Rampage On ZeroIn
Local Skirmish Site: Ground Zero Woodland
Other Skirmish Sites: Ground Zero Urban (Formerly Sopley)
Airsoft Shedule: Every 2 Weeks
Favourite Gun Owned: The one in my hand, but now it's working it has to be the M134 Minigun.
Favourite Gun General: The Barrett M82A1M, it's just evil.
Other Hobbies / Interests: Gaming, Computers, Web Design.
About Me: I have been playing Airsoft for quite a few years, I started playing at Sopley for over a year (Ex R.A.F. Base), and after it closed I moved over to Ground Zero Woodland and have been playing there ever since. Sopley, (or as it is now known, Ground Zero Urban), is back up and running, and I hope to be making more appearances there again. Although I prefer dense woodland to urban, as I like hiding in the dark depths of bushes setting up ambushes.
Click here to watch the Ground Zero Weekender 2005 Video (The best airsoft video you'll ever find)
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