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My Armoury

2 x Sawn Off M79s
AK 47
Automag .44
Barrett M82A1M
Colt 25
Colt Delta Elite
G3 SG1
M134 Minigun
M15A4 Carbine
M4 Carbine
Orca Stocked APS-2
P90 Watchmaker
RX4 Storm
Revolver Launcher
Sig 552
Sig Sauer P226
USP Tactical
VSR10 Pro Sniper
VZ61 Scorpion

Old Armoury, R.I.P

2 x Socom Mk.23
2 x VZ61 Scorpion
3 x Blank Firing Grenades
3 x Colt Delta Elite
4 x Blank Firing Grenades
AK Beta Spetsnaz
Benelli M3 Shorty
Colt 25
Famas SV
G5k (mp5k)
M4 A1
M79 Full Stock
Machine Pistol Type U
P90 TR
Revolver Launcher
USP Tactical

Orca Stocked APS-2

Orca - from back
Enlarge Photo
Orca - from front
Enlarge Photo
Orca - on side
Enlarge Photo
Orca - side on
Enlarge Photo

Orca End On
Enlarge Photo
Orca Side On
Enlarge Photo
Orca Stocked APS2 - Back
Enlarge Photo
Orca Stocked APS2 - Camo
Enlarge Photo

Orca Stocked APS2 - Front On
Enlarge Photo
Orca Stocked APS2 - Front
Enlarge Photo
Orca Stocked APS2 - Side On
Enlarge Photo
Orca Stocked APS2 - Side
Enlarge Photo

Orca Stocked APS2
Enlarge Photo
Enlarge Photo

  • Carrot ORCA II Polymer Stock (Krylon Sprayed) Complete with Mag. Ready System.
  • Classic Army APS Vaccum Piston.
  • First Factory Zero Trigger System.
  • Mojji Hornet Type II FF 4-16 x 50 Scope with Sun Shade.
  • Laylax (PSS2) Swing Type Bi-Pod + Custom Outer Barrel Mounting.
  • 720mm Outer Barrel.
  • KM Barrel Spacer.
  • Guarder Silencer Attachment 14mm-.
  • King Arms OPS CQB Silencer 14mm- 185x38mm.
  • Guarder Ammo Cheek Pad (Olive).
  • 6 x 25 Round Mag.
  • Operated By: Manual Spring.

    Manufacturer: Maruzen.

    Fires: 445 FPS With 0.2g BBs.

    Cost: £650

    Purchased From: Second Hand; Zero One Airsoft

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